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Radezu's Loyalty by Jetera Radezu's Loyalty by Jetera
Attention! D: Many letters!

A long time ago, when we were young, the Guy lived. He loved the woman he had no right to love. The woman’s name was Lady Cera; she was the one of “Lilith” – the one of those who rules our world; her family was the one of the Circle of the Houses.
The Guy knew he will never be with the woman, he knew there’re thousands of men like him who love her too; for Lady Cera was unbelievably beautiful and kind, but she also was a faithful widow – no one had a chance to marry her since her husband’s death. So the Guy was watching her from afar – when she was passing through with other Leaders of their Houses and Guards. He regretted he wasn’t an aristocrat’s child.
But one day, when the town gathered again to salute the Lady, and thousands of people were standing around, the Guy saw the Assassin behind Guards’ backs. He attacked the Assassin at once. Guards had noticed the fight and helped him.
All the people were shocked. No one in the town wished the Lady dead, and the Assassin’s appearance was just something unbelievable to happen.
Lady Cera had come to the Guy and thanked him.
“You are brave and strong. Why have you saved me?” she asked.
“I love you,” the answer was. “And I’m ready to protect you until my death.”

Lady Cera granted him the ancient and honorable title of Knight and made him her Guardian.
She gave him a new name. Radezu it was.

Radezu was happy. His wish to protect the Lady and her children, to be with her, was fulfilled.
For many years he served her, many times he saved her from death.

Until the Houses themselves decided to banish her, for the kindness to people who serve you is not the kindness to people who you share your power with.

Radezu was protecting her until the end, until they ripped his arm off, until many swords stabbed him.
They were killing the Lady and her children on his eyes, and there was nothing he could do.
They killed everyone, but not him.
“You’re not of her family,” they said. “You’re just a dog without a lead. You will live to let other Houses know what happens with those who are not loyal to the Circle.”
They cursed Radezu.
He raised, poisoned and corrupted. He became a monster, with his soul full of sorrow.

One hundred years has passed since then, and he still lives. People don’t speak with him and don’t visit him. Many think he is a killer, a psycho. A monster. But it's not true.
Only the children who live in his manor speak with him. Yeah, that orphanage you know was ones Radezu’s house. The young ones call him father, say he is nice. The old ones say he really is a little unusual, but still kind. I trust their words. Visit him someday; I think he will receive you. But don’t make him angry.



This is Radezu, once a loyal knight, now a not-so-loyal monster. He's very soft though ^_^ Here he's shown in his sane form.

Fight Under The Northern Light by Jetera


Character (c)Jetera
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